This is to inform that the bank is providing loan for all of our shareholders within 48 hours. The rules to get the loan is as follows:-
1. To become the member of the bank, the member should be the regular employee of the Indian Railway. The loan form should be attested by the department of the employee applying for loan.
2. Maximum loan for the employee are as follows:-
Basic Pay Maximum Loan available
Upto 35000/- 700000/-
From 35001/- to 50000/- 800000/-
From 50001/- to 70000/- 900000/-
70001/- and above 1000000/-
3. Loan will be provide in the multiple of 100000 rupees.
4. Rate of interest on loan is 10%.
5. New loan can be provide only after the complition of minimum 75% of the continued loan. But in special conditions the new loan can start if the Officer of the employee's department recomeds.
6. Loan dispersed time is 48 hours. It can be received for any of the bank, bank branch :- Varanasi, Lucknow, Izzatnagar, Sonpur and Samastipur
7. Signature of the lonee should be attasted from his/her own department's gazetted officer. The conditions to approve the loan is :-
            a). Should be the member of the bank.
            b). Age of the employee should be less thah 58 year of the loan should be complete one year before the employee's retirment.
8. New employees can also get the loan after becoming the member fo the bank.
9. Loan can be despursed in the account of the employee by RTGS or by cheque as per the recomendation.
10. Loan can be return within 12,18,24,30,36,42,48,54,60,66,72,78 and 84 months.
11. Please submit the copy of PAN Card, Residencial prof and pay in slip for KYC. Also mention the mobile number so that we can SMS you for the approval of the loan.

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