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For Your Information The Bank Has Revised The Interest Rates On All Fixed Deposits And Savings Account As Per The Table Mentioned Below :
Savings Account :-                                           4.00%
Term/Recurring Deposit Account :-             4.00%
Fixed And Recurring Deposit Accounts :
Rate Of Interest Period
6.00% 91 Days To 179 Days
6.50% 6 Months to One Year
7.00% 1 Year to 3 Years
7.50% 3 years 1 months and above
Recoring Deposit Account :-
Period Rate Of Interest
Upto one year 7.00%
for three year 7.50%
for five year 8.00%
Note : Quaterly compound interest will be provide on the above deposit schemes.
Get your money double in 100 months.
0.5 % interest is extra for the seniour citizens.

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